Imagine a life free of single-use packaging. 
And a world with a lot less trash. 
Welcome to Trashless. 

From produce to meal-kits, ready to eat food, pantry items, to household cleaning supplies - most common consumer products come in single-use packaging - which is ecologically damaging, and economically expensive to produce, transport, discard or recycle. 

Trashless is a new online grocery paradigm that eliminates all these ills, and more. - It delivers commonly used household items, well, trashlessly - without most packaging waste.
- Deliveries are conveniently made to your door in reusable packaging which is picked up at the next delivery, sanitized and reused.
- It works with local producers - providing them the technology, customer interaction and delivery network.
- It is spawning an environmentally sustainable supply chain and distribution footprint that includes efficient production, low emissions and less travel. is an e-commerce, logistics and engagement platform that enables brands and producers large and small, local and national, to create or recreate products, processes and packaging that support this zero-waste paradigm. 

It's like

The Milkman for Everything

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Delivering products that are locally sourced and sustainably produced, when possible, Trashless adds extra layers of sustainability to this new low carbon footprint way households consume products.

How It Works

Start browsing Trashless products here, Tap Add to Delivery for the ones you want and then checkout by tapping the cart icon and follow the easy steps. Trashless will deliver the items on the delivery day you choose. When you are close to running out, simply point your phone camera at the QR code on the container, tap the link to the product page that automatically pops up - and tap ‘Add to Delivery’ and check out. That’s it.

On the day of the delivery, simply put the used containers out at your front door in the original reusable bag they came in. A fresh set of items you ordered will be dropped off and the previous bags picked up.

You’ll be kept informed at every step of the way via email/text and will be able to live track your delivery on the delivery day.

Trashless is Better in Every Way

For you, your local community, and the planet:

How Trashless Compares

Trashless aims to reinvent the way fast-moving consumer goods are sold, delivered and consumed. We believe it is a better way - compared to everything else:

Compared to the Grocery Store Bulk Section

Trashless aims to reinvent the way fast-moving consumer goods are sold, delivered and consumed. We believe it is a better way - compared to everything else:

Your Kitchen Shelf Before Trashless . . .

And After Trashless . . .

Why: From a Rather Trashy Present, to a Trashless Future

You've heard it all - the stats, the stories about packaging waste and its contribution to the climate change crisis. This is real, urgent and ominous. Let's confront the truth first:

Yes, they all have varying ecological and economic impact:
Plastic: It gets all the bad rap. Well, it deserves it:

Paper: 'Paper or plastic?' Answering that question at the grocery checkout with 'paper' may feel better ... but single-use paper carries its own environmental cost. Consider these stats:

Similarly, glass, aluminum and other materials used in single-use packaging also carry a heavy toll: Mining, energy & water use in manufacturing, emissions, transportation, disposal and more.

All these materials are quite durable - so much that they can be used over and over again - which is what Trashless is all about.

Finally, What About Recycling?

While it is well accepted that recycling is better than recyclable materials going into trash, recycling is environmentally costly: Transportation, sorting, smelting, recasting and more. Most materials cannot be recycled more than 2-3 times. Further it is a costly process that most municipalities have yet to figure out how to fund. Reuse is clear better than recycling.

There has yet been no effective, foolproof systematic mechanism of reuse of packaging materials.

So, What Now?

What do we all do? Live in jungles, like cave people? Give up all the good things, the conveniences of modern life that come in single use packaging?

No no . . . Just Go Trashless!

How It Works: Operations

Building up on the operational experience we have gained serving thousands of families with sustainable products and services, Trashless products are sourced, filled and delivered, plus return containers processed with military precision for the highest level of customer satisfaction, operational excellence, and logistical efficiency.

If you’d like to partner with us to bring Trashless to your area, please contact us at 

Better in More Ways . . .

Trashless is a solution to today's convoluted supply chains where mainstream food brands dominate, while local ones struggle.

It addresses the incredibly high number of miles travelled by packaged food.

It is a solution to the excessive addition of preservatives to prevent the food from rotting, vs. the freshness and nutritional value that comes with locally produced food.


Trashless also offers some additional services that will enable you to conveniently lead sustainable lives:

You already know that dead batteries shouldn't be just thrown into the trash - but properly disposed of. Result: Probably a bunch of dead batteries lying around that you can't remember to take to a recycling center, right?

Trashless offers free dead battery pick up in reusable containers, with its regular paid pick up and delivery stops. This will serve our mission to bring greater sustainability to local communities.

Partner with Us

Trashless partners with local food producers, bringing them more sales, an efficient logistics / delivery mechanism, and a way to save on wasteful packaging materials.

If you’d like to partner with Trashless to bring your products to consumers, trashlessly, we’d love to hear from you! Please write to us at 

Who We Are

Trashless is a service based in Austin, Texas with a mission to enable people lead sustainable yet modern lives.

Trashless is based in Austin, Texas with a mission to enable people lead sustainable yet modern lives. We have build the technologies, infrastructure, team and delivery network to support and scale this mission. Over the last few years, we have honed the cycle of sourcing sustainably produced local ingredients, assembling them, delivering final products in reusable packaging . . . then picking the packaging back up, sanitizing it and repeating this over and over again - profitably. 

We look forward to serving you!

START YOUR TRASHLESS JOURNEY Sign up here to get 25% off your first order

(Use coupon ‘Go Trashless’ at the checkout page)

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