Trashless Community Support Program

Let Us Support Each Other, Sustainably & Transparently 

Many households are hurting for lack of affordable fresh produce and other essential household items. The Trashless Community Support Program helps those families access essential items at no or reduced costs through the support of local and global communities, in a completely transparent manner.

The Program is an easy and accountable way for people to support others in their community.

This, in turn, also helps local producers get their products out to more people - a supportive cycle that works for everyone.

This program started on April 29, 2020 


Live Stats

Total contributions: $3277.41

Number of contributors: 44


Why contribute?

Help people in need
Everyone needs a helping hand sometime. This program enables you to give back easily and conveniently.

Support local producers
Products and services on Trashless are locally produced and/or sold. One click - and you are supporting an entire ecosystem.

Bring good local food to more people
The Big Food chains are convoluted - bringing unsustainable food to the masses, while local producers suffer. Help change this.

Help spread sustainability
Trashless hosts only producers/sellers who use sustainable and low-waste practices. Contributing here helps spawn their work.

Give with confidence
100% of the funds raised through this program will go directly to pay for food and grocery items going to recipients. Management fee: 0%.

Know where it’s going
This program has been crafted from ground up with transparency and accountability at its core - so you can trace the good your contributions are doing.

Two Ways to Contribute

Make a direct $ contribution into the program.
And/or add a percentage figure to your regular purchases on


Jana W$120.20
Linda B$90.10
Marina P$123.07
Jennifer S$121.29
Chuck L$109.29
Margaret S$100.00
Olivia J$65.07
Michelle K$58.84
cori n mccorkle$25.00
Amy C Wallquist$100.00
Lettuce N$50.00
Tori D$20.00
Joyce J$50.00
Sarah T$15.00
Cynthia L Spanhel$41.90
Marty B$20.00
Lucile C$50.00
Erica B$84.00
Haley P$50.33
Paige H$61.00
patricia r$5.00
Chase R$20.00
Adam S$736.99
Cynthia W$10.00
Anonymous (All) $966.58


Contributors making multiple contributions, some anonymously and some not, are counted as 1

Contribution Commitments

Anonymous 111.00%
Anonymous 25.00%
Jana W10.00%
Linda B10.00%
Marina P20.00%
Anonymous 35.00%
Jennifer S8.00%
Chuck L5.00%
Olivia J5.00%
Anonymous 42.00%
Michelle K5.00%
Anonymous 55.00%
Anonymous 610.00%
Anonymous 710.00%
Cynthia L Spanhel10.00%
Anonymous 85.00%
Erica B15.00%
Anonymous 95.00%
Haley P5.00%


The percentage indicates future contribution commitment above regular purchases on Trashless. E.g., at 25%, a $100 purchase will result in a $25 contribution.


Receive Support

Live Stats

Number of applicants: 18

This program started on April 29 and is currently in the early stages of receiving, reviewing and approving applications.

Receive Support

Why apply for support?

No Compromises
The products and services you’ll receive through this program are the same as are delivered to customers paying full price. In fact, sellers on Trashless do not have access to that information - for them, all deliveries are and should be the same.

Sliding Scale
Financial hardship is not a one-size fits all - different people, in different circumstances need different levels of support. This fact is built into this program - enabling you to state the level of support you need - and when approved, receive it.

Sellers on Trashless collaborate to deliver products to customers directly - making it convenient for you to receive what you need.

Wide Range, Good Quality
There is a wide breadth of high quality products and services available from sellers on Trashless - serving many essential needs.

Through this program you will be participating in supporting our local business ecosystem, and discover wonderful farmers, producers and sellers in business around you.

Build Community
Connect with other people giving support or receiving it. Hear their stories, share yours, and build more community connections.

Expectation of Responsible Citizenship of our Community

Participation in this program comes with an expectation to be responsible members of the Trashless community. Most products sold through Trashless are delivered in zero-waste packaging - which must be returned so that they can be sanitized and reused for the next customer. These items are not meant to be kept.

Everyone in the community - customers, sellers, producers are expected to treat each other with respect, and issues resolved in a collaborative manner.


Support Recipients

Coming soon

This program started on April 29 and is currently in the early stages of receiving, reviewing and approving applications.


Zip codes served

Coming soon

This program started on April 29 and is currently in the early stages of receiving, reviewing and approving applications.


Receiving support:

How does the program work for those looking for support?

Please apply for support by signing up and answering a few simple questions at this link

We are currently reviewing and processing applications within 5 business days, on a first come first served basis. 

After approval, you will receive an email with a code you can use to make purchases at the approved discount, across all the products available for delivery in your zip code. 

Ability to make purchases is subject to program funds availability - which can be checked live on this page. If the program funds are depleted, then the discount code will not be usable. 

This Program is a transparent and accountable community support marketplace. In the spirit of transparency, the first name and last initial of each support recipient is published on this page. 

We are constantly fundraising to keep funds available in the program. You can help by spreading the word - no contribution is too small - so this can continue to help as many people as possible, while also supporting producers and suppliers in the Trashless ecosystem.

Quality of products

Everyone - regular as well as supported customers - receive the same quality of products. In fact, the information about who is regular and who is supported is not even shared with sellers on Trashless.


Making Contributions:

How does it work?

You can make contributions via credit card here. In the spirit of transparency and accountability, the first name and last initial of each contributor is published on this page. You can choose to make your contribution anonymous by checking that box on the page.

Tax exemption

Trashless is a for profit corporation. Hence, the contributions you make into this Program are not donations that are tax deductible.

Corporate & foundation contributions

Corporate contributions into this program are welcome! Please email us at


June 06, 2020

We are currently beginning our approval process. We thank you all for your patience! Our goal is to support as many people as we can. Adding a percentage of your purchases to our contribution pot is a great way to ensure we always have funds to help those in need. If you are an applicant, stay tuned. We will be with you shortly to deliver good news!

May 14, 2020

Thanks to so many of you for adding a percentage above your orders to go to this program. Our engineers are working on a system for the contributions to become automated, and applicant approval process to become streamlined over the next week or so. Then the program will actually go into operation. Thank you for your patience. And if you haven't already, please take a moment to add a 'tip' into the program by clicking on Contribute above - it's quick and easy.

May 7, 2020

Many of you have often asked, "Can we tip the Lettuce driver?"

With this program off to a modest start - many stories are emerging about families struggling financially for basic essentials. Lost incomes, disabilities, health challenges and more... people need help now more than ever, thanks to COVID-19.

A big thank you to those who have contributed directly to the program, or committed a % above their purchases.

So, if you've wondered about how to tip - it's simple - add your tip in the form of a contribution to the TCSP. It takes a minute, and you can change it anytime.

And now with Trashless up and running, people supported through the program can get other household staples like grains, flour, spices, nuts and more . . .

We are looking to approve support applicants and get deliveries to them started in a couple of weeks. Please help us get to a critical mass of contributions so we can make a strong start!