Changing the Game for Loconomies 

Loconomy is a marketplace, and a powerful suite of constantly evolving software and services built for intensely local business - all under one roof, free with your active Loconomy Seller account. 

Crafted by best in class technologists and designers to help local farmers, food artisans, distributors, and retailers scale up their topline, add to the bottomline while partnering with each in meaningful ways. 

Online Marketplace:
Sell More

A full suite of ecommerce functionalities built from scratch for local businesses: 
- Configurable delivery options based on zip codes 
- Flexible subscription plans 
- Unlimited product options- Recipe publishing
- Sync with inventory 
- Multimedia product content
- Reward programs 

And more: everything you need to make it easier for your customers to buy from you and come back for more.  

Serve Well

Powerful state-of-the-art customer engagement tools are built into the Loconomy platform: 
- Chat with visitors and customers on any device
- Integrated telephone support 
- Customer relationship management tools (CRM)
- Email campaigns
- Social media marketing
- Order notifications
- Easy payment and refund mechanisms
- Delivery tracking for your customers

And more: Loconomy gives your customer engagement a technology makeover.  

Run Efficiently 

Robust, yet easy to use integrated back of house systems to help you run your company at the highest possible efficiency levels: 
- Inventory management that syncs with sales
- Granular order management
- Setting up multiple delivery options- Managing drivers 
- Automated and manual creation of delivery routes 
- Automated navigation, tracking and alerts.

And more: tools that give you the cutting edge against bigger competitors. 


Clear • Simple • Secure • Scalable 

Loconomy was built with an acute understanding of the needs and challenges faced by intensely local businesses. This extends to our clear, simple, no brainer pricing. 

Set up fee: $0

Monthly fee: $0

Listing fee: $0 

Transaction fee 

3% + $0.25 per transaction 
Credit card payment processing fee 

How It Works 

Sign up 

Get started by signing up at the top of this page. We will review your application and respond with an approval or request for more information within 1 business day.

Set up  

Add products and inventory levels with free 24/7 help from the Loconomy Seller support team available to get you up and running smoothly. 

Go Live 

Finalize and go live with your storefront! Share it with your existing customers, on social media and beyond. Then watch the orders roll in.


Work with Loconomy’s digital marketing team to help you get your brand out there. Select Stores may also become part of Loconomy’s overall marketing efforts - giving a significant boost to your brand awareness.


Communicate with your fans and customers at every step of the way, in personalized, yet automated ways proven to work well.  


Get your product or service out to your customers - using Loconomy’s integrated order management and logistics tools to make it as smooth as possible. 

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